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The right infrastructure, auto-provisioned in your cloud

Nitric Deploy builds and deploys the right infrastructure from your code in your chosen cloud.

A better way to send money.

One-click deploys

Achieve FAANG tier DevOps on day one, so you can just write code instead of building CI/CD pipelines.

Self-provisioning runtime

Be productive with cloud development without sacrificing control, using push-to-deploy for infrastructure and code.

Confident cloud deployment

Set up new environments with just a few clicks so your team can test collaboratively with fewer tool dependencies.

Cloud-nativedeployment withDX at its core

Nitric Deploy is for application developers and teams who want to:

Build in your language of choice

Test any feature outside of prod with quick and easy staging environments

Launch quickly and confidently to your cloud, with your infrastructure state managed automatically

Get scalable, secure, performant cloud infrastructure that's portable across clouds, while you focus on just writing code

import { api } from '@nitric/sdk';
const helloApi = api('main');              helloApi.get('/hello/:name', async (ctx) => {  const { name } = ctx.req.params;  ctx.res.body = `Hello ${name}`;  return ctx;});
from nitric.resources import apifrom nitric.application import Nitric
helloApi = api("main")

@helloApi.get("/hello/:name")async def hello_world(ctx):    name =
    ctx.res.body = f"Hello {name}"

Automate deployment tasks

Deploy sophisticated backends with a central place to manage team deployments.

How it works

Built on the open source Nitric framework, Nitric Deploy combines excellent developer experience with simple deployments to accelerate your team's pace.


Architect your app

Nitric's agility and portability mean you can focus on the architecture your customers need, not your cloud provider's capabilities.

Write code

Leverage abstraction to achieve intuitive cloud-native development in your favorite language.

Get infrastructure from code

Nitric auto-provisions the right infrastructure for your application.

Deploy to your cloud

Import your repo with one click, and let the built-in CI/CD deploy to AWS when you push a change.

Azure and Google Cloud coming soon!

You write code, weprovision and deploy it.